Somerset County Maine

Somerset County Utilities

Somerset County is primarily served by Central Maine Power for electric service. Madison Electric Works provides service to portions of the Madison area.

There are seven public sewer systems operating in Somerset County: Hartland, Jackman, Fairfield, Madison/Anson, Norridgewock, Pittsfield, and Skowhegan.

The County has twelve public water systems operating, in the towns of: Anson, Bingham, Hartland, Jackman, Fairfield, Madison, Moscow, New Portland, Norridgewock, Pittsfield, Skowhegan, Solon and Starks.

Maine's communications infrastructure is one of the most advanced in the nation. The significant investment that Fairpoint Communications and Maine's local telephone companies have made in infrastructure have made the most advanced voice, data and video transmission services possible throughout the State.

Maine has the first statewide asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) fiber optic based networks. With ten ATM switch locations this advanced network makes fiber optic technology available to all communities in Maine.

Maine has 100% digitally switched networks which support advanced, higher bandwidth technologies at higher speeds.

Somerset Economic Development Corporation

Wyman Hydroelectric Station
Wyman Hydroelectric Station

Madison Electric Works
Madison Electric Works

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